Bear Creek

This modest, ranch-style home, set on ten acres of gently sloping chaparral, commands views of the Topa Topa Bluffs to the north, Sulfur Mountain to the south and the Upper Ojai Valley to the west.

We designed a new kitchen and bathrooms, expanded the master bedroom and added an office and painting studio. The crisp, modern and loft-like design of these spaces transforms the character of the home.

A new corrugated shed roof envelopes the primary living spaces and provides shade to the entry decks. A lower secondary roof extends over the bedroom wing. New hardwood decks float out into an oak grove that anchors the building in the landscape. Sliding doors in the master bedroom open into an oak canopy dramatically engaging the setting.

The design employs a variety of technologies to mitigate the environmental impact of the home. Rainwater is collected in a subterranean cistern; a solar hot-water heater and high efficiency fully variable heat pump reduce energy consumption, while a new field array of photovoltaic panels offsets the remaining electrical usage. The house, vulnerable to wind driven fires from a canyon above, incorporates fire-resistant materials and design techniques.

Credits: Photography, Exteriors by Griffin Davis. Interiors by Bruce Botnick

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