Carne Mid-Century

This Chalfant Head House was made famous shortly after its completion in 1959, when it was photographed by Julius Shulman for 'House Beautiful'. A simple post and beam structure, the house served as the home of its architect who was in the process of building several 'spec' homes in the immediate area. This house has survived largely intact but was, after over half a century, in need of a serious upgrade in terms of finishes, appliances and energy efficiency. In addition, its new owner required a free-standing studio, a large swimming pool and the re-modeling of the guest house which was a Chalfant Head addition some time after the completion of the main house. Ironically, the textured block wall on the street side of the guest house has assumed iconic status, visible from the street and usually considered  integral to the project. Although this wall remains intact, the structure behind it  been severely compromised over the years by unsympathetic re-modelers.

The main post and beam space had also been vandalized by the previous owner who had the 'spider-leg' roof joist out-riggers cut short to accommodate a new gutter during an ill-advised re-roofing project. Otherwise, the building was intact and our intention was to open up the space to provide a more loft-like living experience, to provide an open-plan kitchen for the owner, a gourmet chef, and a new and enlarged bathroom. Designed as a two bedroom house, the bedroom wing was to be re-configured as a grand master bedroom suite and dressing room.

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